an oasis of japan in the heart of europe

Surrounded by specimens telling us a hundred-year-old story, twenty years of a company could appear to be a short time.

Indeed our twenty years are made of day-to-day experience, constant care and always increasing knowledge of these amazing plants.

Over our twenty years we have become a young company improving itself continuously and, at the same time, preserving the warm atmosphere of a small-sized friendly team. With our 30,000m² nursery and 3,000 specimens available all over the year we are regarded as a landmark in the European wholesale market.

We have been living our twenty years with an always increasing passion for our job: in such a way the specificity of our product as well as our high specialization have been defined. A passion for Macrobonsai, in the narrow sense of the word, mixed up with the charming world of symbols and sounds, colours and flavours gathered in our trips to Japan, which has now become our second homeland.


Eva sales manager

Her passion for foreign languages and for philosophy has led her to the enchanting Japanese world of Niwaki, which Eva describes to her customers in the European languages.

Aurelio nursery manager

Daily and quite patience and care have made him one of the foremost Niwaki experts in Europe, having a 30-year-long experience started with bonsai and later developed in macrobonsai.


eleonora office

Eleonora office

Elia nursery

Simone nursery