Transporting such large specimen plants might seem impossible, yet we do it!

We load them carefully ensuring they are not damaged, and we forward them all over Europe, whether it be a single plant or a full load.

In this way, after a month-long journey by sea, a little bit of Japan can finally reach every place in Europe.

We prefer loads for which there is no transshipment, preferring direct deliveries, which guarantee the integrity of the plants.
In this way, in fact, the plants reach their destination as we have loaded them, without any “third hand” that intervenes to modify the load that we secured.



We can also load very tall specimens, tilting the plant until it fits within the limits of the height allowed in the standard trucks; for this purpose, the most suitable mean is always the curtain side trailer, which allows us to load laterally.

We load with forklift (2 tons capacity) or for bigger and heavier plants with a telescopic arm.

We avoid loading in the hot seasons, which always put the plants at risk of burning; if the customer has no choice, we water them well before loading them and protect with jute canvas pieces the lateral or apical ends close to the sheet metal walls of the truck.



For all shipments abroad, we rely on certified transport companies, who travel only with appropriate trucks and in compliance with EC regulations.

For shipments where customs operations are required, we rely on import-export customs offices specialized in the live plants sector.



Our plants travel in compliance with the phytosanitary regulations provided by the EC, after having finished the regular quarantine period and accompanied by the passport where necessary.

cure, nippon tree



We put our heart and soul, all our passion and all our love into these wonderful plants, but we also put…our hands!

Japanese ladders and shears to define the sculptural shapes, the right doses of fertilizers and water to let them thrive.

Pinus pentaphylla’s pruning demonstration: