Our passion for Japan

Established in 1996, Nippon Tree is one of the major, specialized nursery throughout Italy and Europe.             Our mission is to provide wholesalers, professionals, gardeners and garden centers with best quality Japanese macrobonsais (Niwaki). The nursery extends on a 10.000 sq.m. container plants area and on an additional 20.000 sq.m. of field grown.            
Our staff members have been trained  in Japan, where they have had the chance to learn the severe Japanese growers pruning rules. We deal more than 3.000 plants a year and we carefully select them. Plants are either directly imported from Japan, (where we personally go at least twice a year in order to pick them out) or raised in our large open field area. As a result, at Nippon tree professionals will be able to find both unique centenarian specimens and more commercial plants at the best prices on the market.
All of the plants passing through our nursery are accurately acclimatized  and they receive  careful maintenance in accordance with Japanese traditional teachings. After the sale they can be shipped both in plastic pots and in wooden cases.
Thanks to the cooperation with certified international transport companies, we are able to deliver throughout all European countries. Shipments can be made either for full-load trucks or for few items. If necessary we take care of customs clearance.


Niwaki is the Japanese word for "garden trees" (to be distincted from “Bonsai”, meaning ‘potted tree’). Niwaki is also a descriptive word for highly 'sculpting trees' and it deals with the practical side of Japanese pruning. 
A well executed Niwaki is highly asymmetric and yet beautifully balanced at the same time: a kind of symmetry as well. 
Trees play a key role in the gardens and landscapes of Japan as well as being of important spiritual and cultural significance to its people.
Fittingly, Japanese gardeners have fine-tuned a distinctive set of pruning techniques meant to coax out the essential characters of niwaki. Niwaki are often cultivated to achieve some very striking effects: trees are made to imitate wind-swept or lightning-struck trees in the wild.
Anyway the principles of niwaki may be applied to garden trees all over the world and are not restricted to Japanese Gardens.