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22040 Anzano del Parco (COMO)
[40km from Milano, 50 km from Lugano, 12 km from Lake of Como]


Ilex crenata var. kin-me Inutsuge (Japanese Holly)


CHARACTERISTICS: glossy, dark green leaves, fast growth; the new sprouts, light green almost golden yellow in March/April, turn intense dark green in May/June; smooth, green-gray coloured trunk; blooms in June with little white flowers in clusters.  

CARE: grows well in neutral or slightly acid pH soils, as long as well-drained; water regularly using non calcareous water (if grown in a container provide some protection from cold winter wind); use a slow release fertilizer from March until September.

PRUNING: starting from June and after the new vegetation has reached 15-20 cm.; prevent excessive apical dominance by pruning more frequently the apical shoots as well as the most vigorous ones, in order to preserve the lower or weaker branches; preventive disinfections  with an acaricide from April until September are advised as well as a white oil treatment in winter.


Ilex crenata gold gem