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Camellia sasanqua Sazanka (Christmas camellia)

ORIGIN AND SPREAD: China and Korea

CHARACTERISTICS: strong-growing evergreen, medium-sized, very thick, brilliant dark-green leaves, smooth, light grey trunk; appreciated worldwide for its autumnal flowering lasting until the end of winter.

CARE: as an acid-loving plant requires a rich, well-drained, acid pH soil; grows well in full sun and in light shade alike; use a slow release fertilizer enriched with iron and microelements; one large spectrum insecticide treatment is advised in spring against aphids and cochineal as well as a cupric treatment against fungal diseases in winter.

PRUNING: in late spring, when the new vegetation is well established; take care to remove the apical shoots more frequently during the summer; light pruning in autumn, paying attention not to eliminate too many buds in order not to jeopardize the flowering.


Camellia sasanqua